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Did you enjoy it? How was the variety of typical food?

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How beautiful was the environment?

Cultural Offer? *

How would you rate this place in terms of cultural offer?

Safety? *

How safe was the place? Was it way to risky or we could visit everything in a really relaxed way?

Weather? *

Too hot? Too rainy? Or just perfect?

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What's the best time to go there?

In which time of the year did you go there? Was it the best time to visit it?
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How much does it cost to stay there for one day? *

We're talking about accommodation, food, transportation, tickets to visit stuff, ...

Tell us how did you hear about this place the first time!

Do you remember how did you hear about it and the moment when you decided to go for it?
How did you prepare your trip to this place?

Tell us a little bit about how it was prepared. Did you prepare it beforehand or was it part of a bigger trip that you prepared on the go? Was it to spend some more relaxed days or to test your limits?
Why did this place become so special to you?

What makes it so unforgettable?
Is there any hidden spot that you want to share with us?

Those that don't appear on the travel guides and go missed between all the other touristic attractions!
Care to recommend any amazing place for staying, eating or visiting?

Would you recommend any specific hotel, restaurant or landscape?
If you could come back but just go to a single place there... Which would you choose? And why?

Would you go for a museum? Or a waterfall instead?
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